Italian Exclusive Vacations

Where and what to eat when visiting Italy

Suggestions for local food in Italy:  It is always a struggle to find the best places to eat when you are in Italy. And comes deciding on what to eat. We have put a list of places and must try foods for our clients when they are traveling to Italy.[…]

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Places you can visit when in Rome


Historical Places: Whether it is your first time or not, when you are in Rome, you can always find more places to visit. For first time visitors, first of all, you need to visit the Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s Basilica. Vatican Museum is a big part of the Vatican City.[…]

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Sicily has become one of the top destinations inn Italy. This beautiful island has a lot to offer, from the wineries at outskirts of Mt. Etna to one of the three Papyrus making places in the world! You will have the Ionian sea on one side and the Mediterranean sea[…]

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